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Robert L. Millington "Bob" of ArmSport specializes in converting original and reproduction cap and ball percussion revolvers to metallic cartridges.  He handcrafts the parts for each gun and custom fits the parts on an individual gun basis.  Bob makes the new cylinders from solid steel stock as well as the loading gates, ejector housing and other parts as necessary for each gun.  Because Bob believes in quality, no castings are used.  Each cartridge conversion is made to your specifications such as caliber, barrel length and loading gate.  Bob strives to make each conversion as authentic as possible both in looks and in the way it operates.

Bob also enjoys restoring original cartridge conversions and engraving.  For more information about cartridge conversions, restoration work or engraving, contact Bob at Armsport.

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Mail:  ArmSport LLC
P.O. 1308
Platteville, CO 80651
Phone:  303-810-6411


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