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engraved_colt_1860_army_full.jpg (218333 bytes)

Remington engraved 2.JPG (708466 bytes)

engraved_colt_1860_army_backstrap.jpg (259337 bytes)

1860 Army

Remington New Model Army

Engraved Backstrap


engraved_colt_1862_police.JPG (179150 bytes) Deluxe Paterson 2.jpg (104026 bytes) Engraved Pocket Navys 2.jpg (111662 bytes)

1862 Police


Pocket Navy



engraving_derringer.jpg (255476 bytes)

Pockets1 -lighter.jpg (213589 bytes)

derringer_full.jpg (439117 bytes)

.41 Rimfire Remington


Pocket Navy


41 Rimfire Southerner.
Nickel Ivory 8.JPG (247289 bytes) DSCN0287.JPG (658128 bytes) DSCN0450.JPG (876952 bytes)
1860 Army Backstrap


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