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Custom Finishes
Antique Finishes With Character


Whether you want your gun to look like a well used shootin' iron or look like a well cared for collector's piece, ArmSport has the custom finish for you.

The "Antique" finish will give your gun that well used look.  The edges will be smooth and there will be dings, dents and scratches.  The metal finish will be an overall gray with lots of brown patina and very little blueing left.  Grips are also dinged, scratched and aged.  Brass parts will have a dark patina finish.

The "Aged Blue" finish will give your gun an aged but well cared for look.  Metal will retain 80% to 90% of its blueing with areas of thinning and underlying brown patina.  Edges will be sharp but will show some wear.  Grips will show little wear and brass parts will be dull with some darkening.

The "Original Blue" finish will give your gun that factory new look similar to the traditional Colt blue finishes of the 1860s and 1870s.  

We also do color case hardening using wood and bone charcoal for a more authentic look.

The gun pictured in the background of this page shows an 1851 Navy with the "Antique Finish".  

Many of Armsport's conversions with custom finishes are pictured in  the Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Values by Dennis Adler.

An Starr revolver with the "Antique Finish" by Armsport is pictured on page 64 of the Twenty-First Edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values by S.P. Fjestad.


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